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“The girl`s tress”

Шмырёва Алина, 8 класс,
МБОУ «Промышленновская СОШ №.2.
Учитель английского языка Дмитриева Е. А.

What do you think where this beautiful waterfall is ? In Kirgyzstan Jeti - Oguz gorge. Our family has lived there for many years. Three years ago we moved to Kuzbass, to Promyshlennaya, but we visit our native place every summer.
I and my relatives always visit this beautiful waterfall. Local people call it “the girl`s tress”. It is calm and slow. It is very old. They say, in old times it was a bit stronger and had a bit greater power. The roar of the falling water could be heard at a long distance. This place is pretty wild. The countryside is green with rich vegetation. The waterfall is clear and cold.
As the ancient legend does the fatter of a beautiful girl didn`t allow her to marry a young village man as he wasn`t noble. He turned him into a rock ( it`s the face to the right ) . The girl was so upset that she ran away into mountains, unplaited her beautiful long hair and turned into a waterfall. Since that time people can`t but admire this gentle and sad waterfall.
It is visited by a greater number of people. This place is for those who are looking for peace and a lovely rural environment. My name is Shmyryova Alina. I an a pupil in the 8 th from of secondary school №.2. I live in Promyshlennaya, Kemerovo region. Some years ago our family lived in Kirgyzstan. We travelled a lot there. It`s one of our favorite places of interest.

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