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Angelina Nikolaenko.
A student of the 7th form of №1544 Moscow gymnasium,
which is located in Mitino.

But my native town is Krasnogorsk. It is situated near Mitino and I would like to tell some words about this amazing town.

Krasnogorsk used to be a village in the past butiIn September in 1932, there was a decision to mgive to the village of Krasnogorsk the status of a town. It is located in the north-west part of the protection forest zone of the capital of Russia in the overflow land of the Moskva river and is one of the most beautiful and ecological healthy cities of the necerest Moscow region and is the capital of the Moscow region.
Being only 23 km away from the Moscow Kremlin, our city is buried in the dense verdure of its many squares, parks and gardens. In the centre there is an old park with the historic core of Krasnogorsk the aristocratic mansion of the 18th century, Znamenskay a Church of the XVII century. The neighborhood of Krasnogorsk is no less interesting and beautiful. My favorite place is Arkhangelskoye mansion. It is on the bank of the Moskva river, where is the world famouse Palace and Park ensemble Arkhangelskoye with rich collection of art of XVIII-XIX centuries stretched out.
Arkhangelskoye is the gala residence of the dukes Golitsyn and Yusupov and it is considered to be the encyclopedia of Russia country estate. The model for its ear, the Palace and Park ensemble and magnificent art collection, retain the memory of the owners of the estates and the famous masters who worked here.
To prove its uniqueness I’ve sent the photos. I think that if a person watches them he or she certainly wants to come here. It is hard to describe the beauty of Krasnogorsk in words. Come and see everything with your own eyes.

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