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Кудрявцева Валерия Сергеевна
Московская область, г. Раменское, Гимназия №2, класс 7 «Б»
Учитель английского языка: Кремер Ольга Юрьевна;

These words are devoted to my home town Ramenskoye. It is not too old. It's only 82 years old. My town is neither big nor small. But it has a lot of attractions:
The Holy Trinity Cathedral, built in 1852 with the money of Malyutin brothers, The Church of the Holy Blessed Matrona, a new church, which is still being built, our town museum, which has wonderful and unforgettable exhibits, describing the history of our district, a modern swimming-pool, where our future champions in swimming prepare for their competitions, a sporting centre, where there are different sport clubs, and a splendid lake. It is disappearing, and we all are very sorry about it. We are trying to do our best to save it. We are making different projects. However, they are useless so far. Still, we have a little hope that some day in the future our lake will return to us!
Though my town is not very old, but it has a great history. One of the first textile factories in Russia was built here. Moreover, we have the oldest school in our country made from red bricks.
My town is the heart of Ramenskoye district. It is a political, industrial and cultural centre. There are several factories and plants in it. We produce clothes, furniture, food, help to build planes and cars and what not.
My native town is known for its citizens too. Many famous people lived in it: Varnava was a bishop of our church, V. Lutchenco was a famous Soviet hockey – player, V. Ovanesov was a Russian actor, A. Soldatenkov was a Russian test pilot, E. Yurasov was a Soviet colonel – general and others. We are proud of them and I think that my generation will glorify Ramenskoye all over the world.

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