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Агафонова Наталья Васильевна – учитель английского языка
Сурженко Светлана – ученица 7 класса
Шицина Наталья – ученица 7 класса.
МБОУ СОШ №17 Пожарского муниципального района
Приморского края

Let me introduce our group. I am Natalia Vasilievna Agafonova, a school teacher. My assistants are: Svetlana Surzhenko and Natalia Shitsyna. They are in the 7th form. We live in Pozharskii region of Primorskii krai. Our region is the second largest one and on its territory there is our village Novostroika. The population of it is 2440 people. It is 5 kms from China. It stands on the river Ussury. It is the natural divide between Russia and China. And there is a frontier post “Tartyshevka” there. Our school closely cooperates with it. The students of our school are frequent guests there. Our teachers and students visit cities and towns of China. We go sightseeing, come to schools and learn many interesting facts about Chinese history, traditions and food.
To the north of our village there is the frontier post of “Strelnikovo”. It is connected with tragic event on the island of Damanskii. In 1969 on March, 2 Chinese troops provoked conflict there. Some officers and soldiers were killed. Ivan Strelnikov, the commander of that frontier post, was among them. And it was named in his honour. Native inhabitants lay flowers at the foot of the memorial to “Heroic Defenders of Damanskii”. There is a small chapel which was built in honour of died.
The area of Pozharskii region is the historical native land of minor peoples – Udege and Nanai. They inhabit the banks of Ussury and Bikin rivers. Such settlement as Krasny Yar is the National Settlement. The Native population of it makes 200 people. Original embroidery, drawing, carving, the wonderful tales and songs capture the interest among Russian and foreign tourists. And an Udege girl studies in our school. She is Alina Kyalunziga. She is in the 4th form.
We like our native place and we are proud of it.

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