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The Museum of Fine Arts

Svetlana D’yachenko
Form 11
School Az Buki Vedi
Teacher Marina Alekseevna Pleshakova

My name is Svetlana. I live in Rostov and consider it my native city though I was born in Krasnodar. This year I am finishing school. I should say these were very happy years of my life. I like to study. I am interested in literature and write poems and stories myself. I like arts. So I’d like to tell you about the pride of our city – the Museum of Fine Arts.

The museum dates back to the 19th century. There was a society of art lovers in Rostov at that time. These art patrons wished to create their own museum. So in 1928 in the Museum of the Regional Study and later a museum of Fine Arts was arranged. It is considered that the museum was founded in 1938. The building of the museum in Pushkin Street in Rostov belonged to rich merchants and was built in 1898 after the design of the famous architect Doroshenko. It was built in the baroque style. The building is of great architectural value nowadays.
There are 8 halls in the museum, which represent icon painting, Russian ancient art, sculpture and applied art. Our museum owns a unique collection of icons, most of them are from the collection of Pyankov, our countryman, who went to the north of our country and together with the students collected icons in the dilapidated churches and restored them.
Some years ago our town authorities bought this collection and placed it in the museum of Fine Arts. The icons date back to the 17-18 centuries. Among the examples of Russian paintings are such works by old Russian masters as I. Levitan, I. Repin, I. Shishkin, V. Vasnetsov, I. Surikov, I. Aivazovsky. Many of the canvases were presented to our museum by the state Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and Hermitage in St. Petersburg.
Masters of Russian landscape glorified the modest calm of Russian nature, its fascinating beauty. There are private collections in the museum, as well. The aim of the museum is to bring real art closer to the Rostovites. Initially the museum housed 300 exhibits in its collection and now there are 6 000 exhibits there. The museum helps to organize new exhibitions devoted to the work of great masters, exhibitions and lecturers for the school children and students. It is visited by many Rostovites and also the guests of our city.

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