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«Streets of Saratov. Their names are called streets»

Курапина Александра Олеговна
учитель английского языка.

Sounds of the city are voices of people,hooters of steam-ships,signals of cars,a rustle of trees. Streets сan tell, remind,allow to feel Time.There are a lot of streets in Saratov, with which inseparably linked the history of our Birthplace.The Quay of Cosmonauts is the former Million street, absorbing the past and trusting in the future of Volga,German street or the Kirova Avenu.During the Ekaterina's times, arriving to Saratov German colonists, invited to development of the Russian suburb by the decree of the empress, have sat down a city in a large village that has been named by German.Moscowskaja street is the central street and the most prestigious street which are passing from Volga through all central part of the city, interrupting around the Saratov railway station.Many famous people came from Saratov: A. Radishev,N. Chernyishevsky, P. Yablochkov,K. Fedin, K. Petrov- Vodkin,V. Borisov- Musatov.Well-known cinema and drama actors who lived in Saratov became famous all over the country: O. Yankovsky, E. Lebedev, O. Tabakov, E. Mironov.Saratov was the birthplace of such people as N. Vavilov, M. Vrubel,M. Bulgakov, N. Chernyshevsky,G. Derzhavin, A. Schnittke,Y. Gagarin.Six streets of Saratov carry the names concerning to war. These are Victory streets, Guards, Tankmen, Heroes of Krasnodon, shooting divisions. Мany streets of Saratov are named in honour of Heroes of Soviet Union!P.F. Batavin,V.N.Simbirzev,K.V. Blagodarov,P. I. Gribov,V. S.Zarubin,S. F. Tarhov,V. G. Rahov,K. G.Ufimtsev,A. I .Holzunov,V. I.Chemodurov and others.All of them protected our Native land during war. Everyone of us has a favourite place where we come to admire beauty of native land and to have a rest. Where I have appeared,I will never forget the place where I was born,where I feel full harmony with the nature.

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