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Taganrog, sights

Чвало Елена Вячеславовна.
МОБУ СОШ № 36, г.Таганрог.

My name is Lena.I am fifteen years old.I love English and I am going to study it all my life because it is very interesting.I live in the city of Taganrog and so I decided to write about my town.

Taganrog is a port city,one of the largest in Rostov region and in the South of Russia.Its old part is situated on Cape Taganiy Rog and,partially on Miusskiy peninsula ,washed by the waters of Taganrog Bay of the Sea of Azov. It may be difficult to think of a more maritime town than Taganrog.No wonder-three quarters of it are surrounded by The Sea of Azov .This is why when asked what kind of town Taganrog is,almost every Taganrog dweller ,or a person who lived there for some time will answer:”First of all,it is a sea town”


St.Nicholas Temple of the Russian Orthodox Church

As the legend says,it is situated on the very place where Peter I had his first camp in 1696 while he was exploring the territory.Inside the church there is a reliquary with the hallows of Saint Pavel Taganrogsky.

Ranevskaya House

Ranevskaya House,where a great Russian actress Faina Ranevskaya was born.A British encyclopedia rates Faina within the top ten greatest. XX century actresses.

The Alferaki Palace,now Taganrog local history museum

The Alferaki Palace built in 1848 and considered to be one of the most beautiful edifices in the South Russia.Its architect A.I.Stackenschneider in also the author of many palaces in St.Petersburg.The Palace was also visited by M.P.Mussorgsky and P.I.Tchailkovsky.

The Palace of Alexander I,now a sanatorium for children

Alexander I stayed in this palace twice and died here during his last visit to Taganrog in 1825.Soon a memorial museum of Alexander I,the first in Russia,was opened.

The Chekhov Theatre

The Chekhov Theatre is a wonderful example of theatre architecture.This theatre undoubtedly played a great role in A.Chekhov upbringing.

Mariinskaya Gymnasium

Mariinskaya Gymnasium was built in 1875.Faina Ranevskaya,a painter Serafima Blonskaya,a poet Sofia Parnokh and many others were among its famous graduates.

The Chekhov library

The Chekhov library was built in 1914 by F.O.Schechtel.The library is especially pround of its many-tier book depository.

A Round House

A Round House is one of the four of the kind existing in the country,designed in 1929-1932 by an architect Bogolyubow.

Kamennaya Lestnitsa

Kamennaya Lestnitsa was financed by Gerasim Depaldo in 1823.The stairs was crowned with the first sundial in the South of Russia in 1823. Taganrog is so much more than just a great collection of villas and detached houses.Taganrog can boast at least three first-class examples of monumental sculpture.First and foremost,it is the monument to Peter I.Rather interesting are other monuments,busts,and minor urban plastic art of Taganrog.

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