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Таганрог, любимый город

I am Kurnyaeva Kamilla.
I am the pupil of the 7 th form.
My hobby is English and music.

A hometown - is probably the town where you were born. But I was not born in Taganrog. I moved here when I was five years old. I remember my first impressions of Taganrog.
Most of all I love Taganrog in autumn. There are such days in October, when the sky is bright and deep, and the leaves of the trees seem to be transparent. And everything disappears, dissolves in the streams in a special bright light October sun. In one of those autumn days I was walking down Chekhov street and the so-called "historic district". My walk began near the monument of A.P. Chekhov. I walk around the monument and along the street and feel the spirit of the 19th century.
Two-storied houses "crowded" along the road. The houses are old and a bit dilapidated, you have the impression of the past. Even the movement of modern cars did not prevent to understand that you were in the past. And there is such peace in my soul.
May be a hundred years ago people hurried up on this street. Reflecting, I didn’t notice how I came up to Chekhov’s House-Museum. The house is rather small. It has small rooms. When you're inside, you’re afraid to touch something, in order not to break. But how did the big writer‘s family live here? It’s very strange. Chekhov loved Taganrog. In an old part of the town there are a lot of things connected with the name of the writer. In Greek street you will find the Greek school, where Chekhov began to learn with the children of clerks, craftsmen and skippers mastered the basics of science. And going down the old stone staircase, which was built in 1823, you will find yourself on the embankment, where Anton sat with a fishing rod during long hours. In general, the whole town "impregnated" with the writer’s name. I love this town, my favorite Taganrog.

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