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Krasnoye Selo

My name is Natela Kartevadze.
I am twelve years old.
I live in St-Petersburg.

St-Petersburg is a very large city situated in the north-west of our country. It has a population of about 5000000 people. There are many districts in St-Petersburg. Some of them are old, some are new. I live in Krasnoselsky district, the new one. The Krasnoselsky district is located in the southwest. It was founded in 1973. The history of a name was very simple. There was a suburb of St-Petersburg called Krasnoye Selo, which was developed in a district of the city. Now Krasnoye Selo is a part of the new district.
The district has about 600 hectares .It is possible to name it one of the cleanest part of our city. There are three large parks thee: South park, Pine Glade and, at last, Palezhaevsky park.
If you watch a map of our district, you can see the streets names. Most of them have the names of the famous heroes of the Great Patriotic War: Marschal Zakharov Street, Richard Sorge Street, Marschal Kazakov Street, Partizan German Street and others. You can find also Doblesty Street and Street of Heroes.
There are many new buildings in my district: beautiful blocks of flats, modern schools, nice kindergartens. I study at a new school, which was opened in September 2011. It's one of the most modern schools in the city. There are two pools, two gyms, a large playground. There is the most up-to-date equipment in my school: computers, document cameras and electronic boards in each classroom. There is also our local TV and printing office at school. Children like to study at this school!
Welcome to my city and my school.

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