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The History of My School

Жидкова Еатерина

I want to tell you about my school. It is quite ordinary, like many other schools, but it is the best school for me. I study at secondary school № 95. It is located in the building, which is now an architectural monument of Saratov. It was built in the middle of the 19th century. But originally this building was the first in the Povolzhye Region Mariinsky Institute for Noble Maidens. The grand opening of the institute in the new building was held on September 23. The Institute was visited by a lot of the highest persons, such as the Crown Prince Nikolai Alexandrovich, Earl E.G. Stroganov, Tsar Alexander II. The Institute ceased to exist in 1917. After that it was the site of some other educational institutions. In 1961 secondary school № 95 was opened in this building.
In 1999 Pushkin literary and local lore museum was opened in the school. The roots of the museum go back to the history of the Mariinsky institute for Noble Maidens. T.B. Semechkina, who was the niece and the only heir of K. Danzas, a comrade and the second of Alexander Pushkin, was a headmistress of the institute from 1901 till 1916. She kept the most valuable relics of Pushkin, which were enough for creating the museum. The materials, which were found in the archives, encouraged the teachers and the students to create the school Pushkin Museum. There are two constant expositions, which are dedicated to a great Russian poet A.S.Pushkin and the school history. Our museum often hosts art exhibitions and scientific conferences. In 2011 the fund of the museum was replenished with paintings, books, magazines, newspapers, copies of documents, letters, and recollections of our graduates. I think it is the best school, because not every school can be proud of such history and such sights!

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