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Some interesting facts about Izobilny

Астаев Антон
Ученик 9 «Б» класса
Учитель: Федорова Ольга Алексеевна
МКОУ «СОШ №7» г. Изобильного Ставропольского края

Every person has his own Motherland. It's the place, where a man was born. And I would like to write you some words about my lovely native town, where I and my relatives live. Izobilny is a small town which is situated in southern Russia (in Stavropol region). Izobilny is the administrative centre of the municipal district. The town is located 54 km in the northwest of Stavropol. The population of our town is about forty thousand people. People of different nationalities live In Izobilny: Russians, Armenians, Caucasians, and Ukrainians etc.
Izobilny was founded in 1895. But until 1965 it was the village Izobilnoye. In my opinion this town is one of the most beautiful and clean towns in Stavropol region. There are many places of interest in my native town. For example the Orthodox Church, new and wonderful building, is located opposite my school. We have beautiful view from the window of my school. Also we have football stadium where the local football team «Signal» plays. There is a railway station in Izobilny, through which started the development of our town. Lenin Street is the main and biggest street in Izobilny. There we have big concert hall «Fakel» and big museum. Of cause as in other towns we have Victory Park. On holidays people from all over town gather there. There are children’s carousels, various cafes, entertaining center with a small but nice skating rink.
So, Izobilny is a small but unbelievably green and sunny town. Welcome to our wonderful town and you have never forgotten it!

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