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Zlatoust, Gagarin Avenue

Мулобаева Яна, Шестакова Олеся
МБОУ СОШ № 25 с углубленным изучением английского языка
11 класс
Тукбаев Валерьян Исламович

We think motherland is very important for everyone. And we are proud of our country and of our town that’s why we are happy to share the history of our town, how it has developed and how it looks nowadays.
This school project has helped us to learn more about historical places in Zlatoust and how they were built. Zlatoust is a very beautiful town which is situated in a picturesque place in the South Urals. Gagarin Avenue is one of the longest and the oldest streets in Zlatoust. Nowadays there are many monuments and buildings in this street which were built in different architectural styles. The Memorial of Glory is one of the most important monuments in Zlatoust. It is devoted to citizens who never came back home when the Great Patriotic War was over. The Memorial is the symbol of a deep respect for defenders of Motherland.
Not far from the Memorial of Glory there is a new monument named The Grieving Mother. The monument shows a figure of a grieving mother bent over her dead son. The monument shows mother’s grief and pain from loss. Nothing remains unchanged, including Gagarin Street. Some places has been changed, new modern buildings have appeared During World War II a Garment Factory was evacuated to our little town from Moscow. Nowadays a former garment factory has been made into a big shopping mall. People like strolling in the pedestrian area in front of the Mall. The huge building is an integral part of the architectural ensemble of Gagarin Street.
Some of the buildings differ from others in originality and design. Look at the Exhibition Hall which has unusual style. It was built to attract attention of art lovers. The Bus Terminal is the place where people arrive when they come to Zlatoust by bus.

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