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Archangelsk - My small homeland

Дороднов Николай Раульевич
МБОУ ОСОШ города Архангельска
Ученик 11 «Б» класса

There are a lot of beautiful towns and cities in Russia but the place you were born is dear to your heart most of all. The town which is close to my heart is Archangelsk. Our town is unigue and there is much to tell about it. Archangelsk is situated on the Northwest of Russia. It was founded in 1584 under Ivan IV Decree. Archangelsk is the first port of Russia and today is one of the largest seaports in our north. Since 2009 Archangelsk has been a City of Military Glory. During the whole history courageous northerners guarded heroically the boundaries of the North. They fought heroically at the front and worked hard at the rear during the Great Patriotic War. Archangelsk took the second place on hunger after blockade Leningrad during that war. There is a monument to the seal in our town. The fat of the seal saved many lives during the war. We are proud of our ice-hockey team «Vodnik» which won the titles of champions in Russia and in the world. The Archangelsk region can be proud of the enterprises for paper manufacture, manufacturing of submarines, the cosmodrom «Plesetsk», its culture and education.
Our region gave the world: the great scientist Mihajlo Lomonosov, a sculptor Fedot Shubin, «singer» of Arctic region an artist Alexander Borisov, brave polar sefarers-subjugators of Spitsdergen and New Land, explorers Simeon Dezhnev, Vasily Pojarkov, and others. A historical and cultural complex of Solovetsky archipelago – the monument of UNESCO is considered to be the region card. From the middle of May and till the end of July it is possible to observe a unigue natural phenomenon – the white nights Archangelsk. I have visited some countries and admired beauties but when I come back home, I am happy. East or West home is best.

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