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Pinezhski district

Окунева Людмила Витальевна
МБОУ МО «г. Архангельск» «СОШ № 26» г. Архангельска
Учитель английского языка

Pinezhski district is located in the northeast of the Arkhangelsk region in the basin of the rivers Pinega, the right inflow of Northern Dvina, and Kuloya. The extent of the district from the northwest to the southeast is 339 km, from the west to the east – 204 km. The population is 32,2 thousand people. The administrative centre of the district is Karpogory village. It’s a very beautiful place with amazing nature and ancient wooden houses. Pinezhye kept power of Russian culture, cultural roots of the ancestors. Whether it is possible to find such place where villages are open-air museums, where national songs are sung from generation to generation, where grandmother's sarafans are worn and where the last and the present intertwined. The special pinezhski dialect, which remained since the XII century, is spoken nowadays. People, who live in the district, carefully keep traditions: moral principles – respect to elderly people and respect to deceased and all village holidays, whether they are prestolny or national.
The northern Pinezhski district – with bitter cold and summer heat – doesn't suffer falseness. Perhaps, therefore you can see churches and houses, which were built by simple men of the last centuries without nails. Also there are monuments of wooden architecture, being reflected in Pinega’s fast waters, they “float” in time as the ships of the past.
People say about Pinezhye: «You become attached to Pinezhye at once, you leave it sad and you remember it forever».

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