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Скляренко Любовь Дмитриевна
МБОУ «Гимназия №1» г.Владивостока

Здравствуйте, меня зовут Любовь. Мне 16 лет. Родилась и живу в городе Владивостоке. Увлекаюсь волейболом, кулинарией, разведением цветов.

I live in Primorsky region, in the province with beautiful nature and rich history. In honor of Vladimir Arsenyev in the city of Vladivostok was named Museum in a main street Svetlanskaya, one of the finest and oldest streets of the city, also GUM is situated here. GUM previously named after its founders “Kunst and Albers” are some of the old buildings. Svetlanskaya is the city centre. Here the central square is located – "Space fighters for power Tips", where there are a lot of monuments. And yet there is Arbat with a lot of fountains, in the summer months it is especially beautiful. And embankment, where there are plenty of entertainment for children and excellent location overlooking the sea, for the rest of the adults. In Vladivostok there is "The Aquarium" which you can see there. Now it is moved to the island of Russian territory, it is also part of the city. There is our famous far Eastern Federal University here. Our city is famous for its film festival "The Meridians of the Pacific", to which not only Russian "stars", but also overseas come. These are not all places in our city, exciting the eye, and I think there will be even greater ones because of the approaching Summit of APEC. Flora and fauna in our region is very beautiful and various. All covered with snow in winter, everything sparkles and glitters and sometimes it can be seen traces of brown bear, hare, fox, wolf, or even of the Amur tiger, which unfortunately dying out. The first flowers in spring are snowdrops, which appear under the remaining snow. Summer.... It does not start immediately, but appears ...With its Sun, greens, blooming flowers, birdsongs and the beginning of the swimming season, bathing in the warmth of the sea of Japan. Sometimes, more precisely in the autumn- in winter it is possible to see whales and whales more. Autumn is warm. It is orange, yellow, green, red and brown, it is the brightest season. But after the heat comes back cold - winter. In conclusion I want to say that our city is beautiful and irreplaceable. I’m proud of living in this city.

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