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Мишунина Ольга, ученица 9 класса
МОУ «СОШ №10» города Муром Владимирской области,
учитель английского языка
Митюхина Ольга Михайловна.

My name is Olga Mishunina. I have been living in Murom all my life. I love my town for many things: for its friendly people, for its streets, for its architectural monuments, for its history. Murom is one of the oldest towns in Russia located on the bank of the Oka River. It was founded in 862. Our ancient town is an architectural jewel because the churches and monasteries are masterpieces.

Troitsky Monastery and Blagoveshchensky Monastery is the unique and wonderful ensemble. Troitsky Monastery was founded in 1351. The relicts of saints Peter and Theyronia are kept in this monastery. First the wooden church of Boris and Gleb was built, the stone structure was built later - in the XVII century. Blagoveshchensky Monastery was founded by Ivan the Terrible. He was in Murom during his campaign against Kazan. The relicts of saints Konstantin, Mikhail and Feodor are kept there. The monastery was badly damaged during the invasion of the Polish-Lithuanian troops, but revived again.
Murom is famous for the legendary hero Ilya Muromets. It is believed that he was born in Karacharovo. The hero was praised in many Russian epics; his name is mentioned in the Germanic and Norse sagas. After his feats of arms Ilya Muromets became a monk. Now on the bank of the Oka there is a monument to Ilya Muromets. It is a symbol of the city.
Muromers are proud of the people who lived in our town. The outstanding inventor V.K. Zworykin was born in our town. He is called the "father of black and white" television. Now in his house Murom historical and art museum is. In the museum a rich collection of art works, jewelry, archaeological finds, household items and many other interesting things are kept. My town is the most splendid place in the world.

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