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Коллективная работа учеников МОУ «Ягановская СОШ»
Череповецкого района Вологодской области
Хрустковой Анастасии (9 класс)
Касьяненко Дмитрия (7 класс)
Руководитель: Майорова Нина Васильевна,
учитель английского языка

Yaganovo is the centre of Yaganovo settlement. The village is not far from Cherepovets. In this year the village is 530 years old. For the first time Yaganovo was mentioned in Belozersk letters in 1482. We know 2 legends about the origin of the village and the lake. One of them is connected to invasion of Mongol-Tatars in our country. The other legend speaks about the landowner who lived not far from Yaganovo. It occurred 400 years ago. The landowner had a son. His name was Yohann, Father loved his son and they often walked through the forest. Their favorite place was there, where the lake is. Earlier there was the wood. Bilberries and cloudberries were gathered in the South, cranberries and cowberries were gathered in the North. Mushrooms were found. Once they wandered through the forest and the boy was thirsty. They came to a spring, father took off his cap, filtered the water from this spring, tried to drink and allowed to drink his son. The water was tasty. The boy dreamed to become a captain. At his desire father made hundreds of serfs dig a lake. The ground was carried in the centre of the lake.
The scientists proved, the lake is 400 years old. In the middle of the lake is an island. The island is created by people. 100 years ago there was a church. People could get to the church through the little wooden bridge.
The lake and the island are very beautiful, especially in autumn. There are bathed and fished in the lake in summer.

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