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The Monument to the Count

Бандерова А.
A pupil of school № 8 of Khabarovsk.

I study in the 9th grade.I like to get knowledge, but my favorite school subjects are math and English. My hobbies are dancing and English language. There is a dance group in our school, where I dance. We perform at various concerts and events. In the future I want to become an interpreter.

I live in the Far East of Russia, in Khabarovsk. I think some citizens of Russia don't know about my city, but they certainly have heard of such a man as Muraviev-Amursky.
Life of the Governor-General was filled with deeds worthy of attention. And even his monument has a wonderful and interesting fate. That is why I want to tell about it. When in 1881 the news of the death of Muraviev-Amursky arrived, the emperor issued a decree on the establishment of the monument. A famous sculptor Alexander Opekushin won the competition to design the monument. In the spring of 1887 he started to create a model of the monument. The monument was completed in January 1891. Inauguration of the monument took place on May 30, 1891; the future emperor of Russia Nikolai II was present there. It was the first , but not the last monument to that great man.
The monument was destroyed in 1925. A new monument to the Count was restored on the donations of the citizens of Khabarovsk by the sculptor Leonid Aristov, according to a kept working model. The ceremony of unveiling of the monument took place on the 30th of May 1992. The figure of N.Muravyov-Amursky, holding field-glasses in one hand and the scroll with the Aigun treaty written in it, rises above the city. It reminds us about glorious pages of Russian history.
We should always remember that the glorious past is the work of a glorious man. Do you agree that N.Muravyov-Amursky was the glorious man?
If you manage to get to Khabarovsk – you will have a chance to see it. And if not - look at the five thousandth banknote. You can see the monument to Muraviev-Amursky on it.

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