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Petroglyphs of Sickachi Alyan

Богомолова Мария Витальевна.
Ученица 11 класса «Б» МБОУ гимназии №8.

Я увлекаюсь изучением английского языка и математики. Также уже на протяжении 5 лет занимаюсь фигурным катанием,14 лет пою в хоре народной песни «Млада», хорошо рисую и участвовала во многих художественных конкурсах, где занимала призовые места. К тому же являюсь ежегодным участником олимпиад по английскому, математике, физике и биологии. После школы собираюсь поступать на авиационный факультет по специальности- авиалогистика.

There is a widely spread opinion that you can see famous sights only in the central part of Russia. I disagree with it. I live in in Khabarovsky. Our region can boast a unique place - the Amur petroglyths. They are situated near the national nanaian settlement Sikhachi-Alyansituated 75 km from Khabarovsk on the bank of the Amur River stream. First information about the Sikhachi-Alyan rock drawings appeared in 70-th years of the XIX century Thousands years smoothed sharp sides of the basalt boulders, polished their surface, but could not erase deep strips, made by the hands of unknown master of ancient times. They belong to the unique monuments of history and culture and are of great scientific-historical and artistic value. The drawings represent masks, animals, anthropomorphic images, birds Most ancient images goes back to the late Stone Age (7-6 millenniums B.C.).
What if these stones could speak? What would they tell us about?
Many foreigners come to this place to admire it, but not too many Russians. It’s a pity, because we should know the history of our country, to honour and respect our predecessors and our past. «History teaches everything including the future» , Lamartine once said. There is no doubt, he was right!

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