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Трушкина Ксения Валериевна
МОУ СОШ с. Смоленка.
6 класс
Учитель: Иваненко Любовь Александровна

I would like to tell about the small homeland, there where I was born and I live still. This is a growing and a perspective village. It is called “Chita Rublyovka”. Smolenka is a village in Chita District. It was founded in 1858. It is located on the right bank of Chitinka River, in 16 km to the North from the regional center – Chita city. Smolenka is an administrative center of municipality, the rural settlement “Smolenka”. There is an administration, an ambulance station, kindergartens, a school and a fur farm.
There are two versions of the basis of this village:
1. In 1851 the Transbaikalian Cossacks army was organized. This army was consisted of partly from peasants and placed where now Smolenka is.
2. Smolenka was founded by immigrants from the Smolensk province. The name of the settlement is connected with the fact the inhabitants prepared pitch. Since in Smolenka surroundings there are a lot of pine and larch trees, inhabitants used to make pitch. This pitch was used for sale and producing of firewood, tar and turpentine. The main occupations of the inhabitants were cattle-breeding and agriculture. In summer women put on cotton dresses and teals, in winter – fur coats shawls and high fur boots. Men wore boots, shirts and trousers. As a rule, people slept on felt on the floor. Beds were very rare. In houses there were only a table, a bench and a chest.
Nowadays Smolenka is changed. It is young, rich and beautiful. The originality of beauty is in memory of everybody, who visited our village. The nature gives us health and energy, strength and pleasure. It is a source of inspiration for writers and poets, musicians and dancers. Everyone can admire our hills which surround the village, our high pines which touch the blue sky. Besides, the beauty of our nature wakes up the best feelings, such as love, pride and responsibility.

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