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Степеньщиков Максим Владиславович
МБОУ «СОШ №30 имени Н.Н. Колокольцова»
Ученик 9 «б» класса.

People have always been exploring the world. I have travelled a lot since my childhood. It was very exciting for a kid. I would like to invite you to visit my own Mundybash. I wish I where in Mundybash now. If I were there I would organize an excursion and would give you a good idea about this wonderful town. As we know Mundybash is an important center of the Gornaya Shoria. I hope suppose you will share my opinion that there are modern rules in this historical town, which are connected with the past. The town has old traditions and history. Mundybash is famous for its mutual tolerance and respect. I don’t know if you have had a possibility to visit this exciting town but I insist that you should do it. And I will give a piece of advice how to plan your tour of the town. Go along the main street and it will lead you to the church. The best starting point for all the excursions is its well known Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary. A brick church was built in 1990-1992. The Bushel has five-domed bell tower and the refectory. I invite you to swim in the river Kondoma. Look at this picture please! The water is clean and blue. In summer you can have a good rest on the banks of the river Kondoma and catch lots of fish. In this village there is a modern bridge, which connects the town and main road Gornaya Shoria, there is no doubt about it in Mundybash there are many other attractions. And at the end you should visit our music school and the band of Russian national instruments. Today the band is 65 years . This is a great band of young musicians. They play balalaika, domra, double-bass. Their program is various. There is no doubt that Mundybash has many other attractions, and everyone will find there favorite place in accordance with your taste and interest.

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