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Vyatskie Polyany: Lenin Street

Даровских Анастасия, Афлятунова Айгуль
ученица 10 класса
Кировское областное государственное общеобразовательное автономное учреждение
«Многопрофильный лицей г. Вятские Поляны»
Учитель английского языка
Учитель: Умрилова Ольга Леонидовна

Streets and the lanes are the face of any town. There are 130 streets and 50 lanes in the town of Vyatskie Polyany: big and small, narrow and wide, old and modern. The streets can tell us much about the history of the town, about the people who lived there in different epochs and about their way of life. The streets remember many events so they are called the stone chronicles of the town.
We’d like to tell you about Lenin Street. It is about 3 kilometers long. This street is practically the historic part of our town. The settlement of Vyatskie Polyany appeared at the end of the XVI century in that place where now Lenin Street is located. Originally the street was named Bolshaya. Before the revolution there were two streets in Vyatskie Polyany: Bolshaya and Malaya. Besides, there were some small lanes. Many rich merchants lived in Bolshaya Street. You can still see their houses that were built at the beginning of the XX century. So it will be interesting to start the excursion about our town with Lenin Street and see how the houses looked like about one hundred years ago. Here you can also see St. Nicolas Church (Nikolskay Church) that was built in 1826. In Lenin Street you can visit the house where the famous designer of the shooting guns, Georgy Semenovich Shpagin, lived together with his family from 1941 till 1952. It is a museum now. Here you can see Shpagin’s personal things – his desk, letters, papers, books that he liked to read. The museum was opened in August 7, 1982.
Time passed and Lenin Street became bigger and longer. Today modern high buildings stand next to the old merchants’ houses. So we can say that past and present are connected together by time in this street.

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