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“Potseluyev Bridge”

Ученица 6Б класса Попова Юлия
МБОУ СОШ № 37 г. Краснодар
Учитель английского языка
Тилинина Елена Сергеевна

Увлекаюсь современными танцами и иностранными языками.

Constructed in Krasnodar on May 9, 2003 the graceful foot bridge was called "Potseluyev Bridge". In each city there is a place which is visited surely by the newly-married couple. After all having visited the official ceremony, in Krasnodar they go on Potseluyev Bridge. If in the wedding day weather allows to walk long outdoors, the youth of Krasnodar directs in parks, to fountains and monuments, but no icy cold and slush will force them to refuse to visit Potseluyev Bridge.
According to a belief if you hang up on a bridge handrail the lock closing forever two hearts together, fastening love, and you throw its key out to the river, joint life of pair will be long and happy, and all difficulties, changes and misunderstanding will avoid their marriage. The most interesting that superstitious krasnodarets sacredly believe in this ritual. When they go to shop with purchase of rings they also choose their «wedding lock».
Mass media in Krasnodar report that architects of the city outright are anxious about so general flow of locks on a handrail of the bridge which simply won't sustain such weight — and one fine day will fall down to the river, entraining the leaned the elbows guests. Such fate, fortunately, doesn't threaten the bridge because its conctraction is very thorough.

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