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Квичидзе Лия, 9 класс
МАОУ гимназия №6 г. Новороссийска

My name is Kvichidze Lika. I was born on June 24, 1996 in the city of Novorossiysk. I am fond of history and so I want to tell you about some historical monuments of my city.
Novorossiysk is a city - hero. The city was destroyed to the ground during World War II. But now, Novorossiysk is a popular town for tourists to visit. One of the attractions of Novorossiysk is standing in the passenger port. It is an artillery cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov." The ship was a Black Sea Navy flagship in the past. Now the cruiser is a museum and takes visitors. The citizens of Novorossiysk treat it like the “Avrora” in Saint-Petersburg.
Not far from the ship there is the World War II Memorial, including the eternal flame and the Square of Heroes. The memorial complex at Heroes' Square includes monuments to the famous men who defended Novorossiysk - Caesar Kunikov and Nikolai Sipyagin. Many defenders of Novorossiysk are buried here. The Eternal Flame is placed between the graves of Caesar Kunikov and Nikolai Sipyagin. The music Novorossiysk Chimes was written by Dmitri Shostakovich in 1960 for the war memorial. Chimes has been playing nonstop at Heroes Square in Novorossiysk since its opening on September 27, 1960. On May 9, 1975, Post No. 1 was placed near the memorial wall at Heroes' Square. The annual candlelight procession, called Beskozyrka (Sailor Hat), which is dedicated to the landing of the naval troops at Malaya Zemlya, begins at the Eternal Flame I’m very proud of my native town and I wish you could see all its sights with your own eyes someday.

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