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My Favourite Town Nazarovo: Some of Our Sights.

Станкевич Вера Александровна
МБОУ «СОШ №2» г. Назарово Красноярского края
Ученица 3А класса
Учитель – Моисеенко Оксана Сергеевна.

Nazarovo is a small town. It is in Krasnoyarskii kray. There aren’t any sights. I would like to tell about some of them.
The Main Town Square. The Square is in the centre of our town. There are a lot of big shops and hotel “Zaria” here. On the square there is a monument of Lenin, the main fountain and a lot of branches.
The Main Fountain. In Nazarovo there are four fountains. On the big square there is the main fountain. There are a lot of people here in the summer. There are colorful flowers and greenery from May to October. In the winter there are some ice figures.
The Town Museum. In the museum there are three halls for different exhibitions. In one of them there is an exhibition of pictures, crafts, books and photos.
The Cinema “Jubileyny”. There is a screen. There is a big hall where parties, concerts and meetings are in. In”Jubileyny” there is a library and a lot of different clubs,for example, dancing club and club of folk song.
The Birch grove. This is my favourite place in my town. The grove is very beautiful in all seasons. In winter we can ski and ride on our sleds from the hills. In summer we can sunbathe here. There is a small river Adadymka. We can swim there. In autumn it is the most beautiful place in our town. There are different colours: red, yellow, brown, green. A lot of people walk here. There are some mushrooms. Somebody gathers them.

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