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Dobroye. Prominent people.

Карякина Алёна, ученица 9 класса
МБОУ СОШ№2 им. М. И. Третьяковой
села Доброго Липецкой области
Учитель Бахаева Татьяна Николаевна

My native village Dobroye is a center of our district (rayon). I love everything in my native place: beautiful landscapes, calm villages and hospitable people. Our district is the homeland of a lot of prominent people. Here are the names of some of them. The village of Korenevshchino was the home of Mariya Alekseyevna Pushkina (Gannibal), the grandmother or the greatest Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. There is the Pushkin museum in the local school and every June the Pushkin meetings are held here. Trubetchino is the home of the famous Russian princes Vasilchikovs. Their names are mentioned in all Russian encyclopaedias. Illarion Vasilyevich Vasilchikov, for example, was the commander of the Akhtirsky Hussar regiment. He distinguished himself in the compaign of 1812-1814 years. He took part in the Borodino battle. In 1833 he was nominated the General-Inspector of Cavalry, and in 1838 he became the Chairman of the State Council and the Committee of Ministers. Alexander Ivanovich Levitov, a famous Russian writer, was born and spent his childhood in Dobroye. The local history museum is named after Ivan Timofeevich Frolov (1929 -1999), an outstanding politician, philosopher, academician of Russian Academy of Sience, who also was born and spent his childhood in Dobroye. He graduated in both philosophy and biology and made his academic and political reputation in the 1960s as an opponent of Lysenkoism in Soviet science. Frolov devoted himself to writing on biomedical ethics, but his last works were devoted to the philosophy of humans. The book ”Global problems and the Future of Mankind” was translated into many foreign languages. Seven natives of our district were awarded the gold stars of the Hero of the Soviet Union and seven are the Heroes of the Socialist Labour. And I am really proud of the fact we came from the same place.

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