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Izmailovsky Park

Сизова Александра Алексеевна
ГБУСОШ №1373
Учитель – Суклышкина Елизавета Ивановна

Я учусь в 5 классе, мне 11 лет, английский язык учу со 2 класса

I want to tell you about Izmailovsky Park. I live in a picturesque district of Moscow. My school is situated near Izmaylovsky Park. This park was inaugurated in 1930, but its history is much more ancient. It is known as a place where Peter I organized military games in his childhood. We can even see some redoubts silent witnesses of the young Russian prince’s amusements. When I walk in the park I often imagine Peter the Great and his brave soldiers. But the history of Izmaylovsky Park is also connected with various plants and trees which grew and are still growing there. In the XVI century there was a regular park there and lots of flower gardens. Some trees are so old that we can think that they saw Peter I. Some parts of the park remain almost wild, like a forest. It is wonderful that you can feel very close to nature here. Many birds and animals live in our park. We like to feed ducks swimming in lakes. There are many beautiful lakes with poetic names in our park. Lake Krasnoe (Beautiful) was in the past situated near the tsar court. Lake Olenie is the place of children’s amusements now. Our park is gorgeous!

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