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Yuzhnoye Izmaylovo

Кузнецова Анна Сергеевна
Москва, ГБОУ СОШ №1373, ВАО
Учитель - Суклышкина Елизавета Ивановна.

Я учусь в 5 классе. Мне 11 лет. Учу английский язык со второго класса.

I want to tell you about the area when I live. My native area’s name is Yuzhnoye Izmaylovo South Izmaylovo).The history of the village of Izmaylovo goes back to 1389, at which time it was owned by Ivan the Terrible. Peter the Great grew up in Izmaylovo. In 1935, Izmaylovo became a part of Moscow.Yuzhnoye Izmaylovo is an area located in the eastern part of Moscow, just north of the Shosse Entuziastov to the west of Moscow Ring Highway. It borders Izmaylovo District in the south and Izmaylovsky Park in the north and west. In 1960, it became a part of Moscow, after all territories inside Moscow Ring Highway were annexed by Moscow City proper. Yuzhnoye Izmaylovo is in one of the most green areas of Moscow. Almost a half of its territory is occupied by Izmaylovsky Park, which, with an area of 12 square kilometers. Izmaylovsky Park, one of the biggest forested areas in urban places in Europe, is right across the street where I live.The place was built up in the mid-1970s as an Olympic village for the Moscow Olympics of 1980 but was eventually converted into a bedroom community, a micro district for the fast growing population of the city. Yuzhnoye Izmaylovo is a very small district but very cozy. I my mother was born here and have lived in it all her life. I was born and live in Yuzhnoye Izmaylovo too. Moreover I study at school where my mother had studied. I think our family will always live here as it’s so nice.

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