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Balashikha. Our school museum.

Кочарова Людмила, 10 «А» класс», МОУ «Лицей»,
г.Балашиха, Московская область
Смуток Елена Дмитриевна - учитель английского языка.

I am a student of the 10-th form and I would like to tell you about our school museum which was named after Dmitry Mikhaylovich Karbyshev, a Red Army general. Dmitry Mikhaylovich was born in Omsk into the family of a serviceman. He graduated with honours from the cadet school and the military engineering college. Thirst for knowledge brought the young officer to the Military Engineering Academy. Later he held responsible posts in the central apparatus of the country’s Armed Forces and gave much of his time to inventing, teaching and scientific work.
In June 1941 Dmitry Karbyshev went on a business trip to the western border to inspect fortifications. A month later during the withdrawal wounded and unconscious D. Karbyshev was taken by the Nazis. He died on February 17, 1945 in the concentration camp at Mauthausen. For the extraordinary staunchness and courage Dmitry Karbyshev was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
To honour a man of great military knowledge and outstanding talent the museum was opened in our school in 1972. In May we’ll celebrate its fortieth anniversary. We are proud of having this museum. It has many different exhibits which show Karbyshev’s life and his heroic deed. We take history lessons and have meetings with veterans in our museum. It is a sacred place for us. It should be noted that our students conduct extensive research work under the direction of our teachers. We have collected material about former children-prisoners of the concentration camps. Unique photos and letters have been collected and displayed in the museum. When students and visitors watch the exhibits, tears appear in their eyes. Looking through the expositions people mentally return to those dramatic events of the war. They remember their relatives and those who fought and died for our Motherland. I think it is worth visiting!

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