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The village of Pobeda, Omsk region

Зборец Елена, 8 класс.
Учитель английского языка -
Дербуш Ольга Александровна
МКОУ «Победовская СОШ» Нововаршавского района Омской области.

Меня зовут Зборец Елена. Я учусь в 8 классе Победовской СОШ.Я активистка класса, и всегда участвую в различных муниципальных и всероссийских конкурсах. В свободное от учёбы время занимаюсь спортом.

My name is Lena. I live and study in the village of Pobeda. Pobeda is situated in Novovarshavskiy district Omsk region in 150 km. from Omsk. My village is rather young. Pobeda was founded in 1954. It is a quiet place surrounded by fields and woods. There are 320 houses in Pobeda and nearly 1480 people live here. Pobeda is a modern village. There is gas, water, electricity in the houses. The most of the houses are big, new and nice. Also in the village there is a local school and kindergarten. The school is two – storied brick building which has its own patch of land. Pupils come to school from other villagers. The club is a place where young people come to discos. Sometimes films are shown in it. Next to the club you can see a monument to the soldiers in honor of their heroism during World War II.
The people of my village are very hospitable. We celebrate the Day of the Old people, the Day of the Village, Farewell Winter Festival and Maslenitsa, New Year, Easter. Every year inhabitants of our village grow potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, sugar beets, carrots and cabbages. Many of them have domestic animals: cows, sheep, horses, geese, ducks and hens.
I can honestly say that I don’t want to live anywhere else bur in my native village. I was born here and I’m not going to leave it. Firstly I like its beautiful nature. Another reason is its people, interesting and friendly. I can’t imagine my life in another place without my relatives and friends, customs and tradition of my village. For me it is the dearest place in the world.

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