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Капустина Екатерина Ивановна
МБОУ СОШ №7 «Эдельвейс» г. Находка

I love my extraordinary beautiful town Nakhodka very much! But there were times when I simply hated this town... I was born in the Vladimir region, in the settlement Volginsky. I loved the small, cozy and beautiful settlement very much. I was proud of my Homeland! When I studied in the first grade, I even composed verses about my small Homeland! In my family there was a misfortune – mother divorced from the father and decided to go to her mother, to the town of her childhood, on her homeland – the town Nakhodka … So I with the defective family got to the new town for me – Nakhodka. I began to hate this town with all my soul. It was the unknown town for me, alien people, thousands kilometers divided me with my father and my friends … Many tears were spilled, many long days flew by … While I changed the relation to this town. But one fine day I met the remarkable young man who became my husband later! Here I met the First love, we got married in the church and we gave birth to two wonderful daughters! I came to love this picturesque town very much: all best experiences in my life were here, in the town Nakhodka! I fell in love with beautiful landscapes of our town, its hills, mounds, sandy beaches of the seas, colourful declines and risings … Leaving for the nature, I with my family constantly admire the beauty of fantastic corners of our town! I became attached to it very much and fell in love with it and everything that with it is connected! Here some photos of my town. Everyone who came to our town, were struck with its indescribable beauty and its location – it is on the bank of the Japanese Sea, all covered with hills and mounds! Going through the town Nakhodka in the winter and in the summer, any person didn't remain indifferent to his strongly expressed beauty and charm! Come to our town Nakhodka, and you won't remain indifferent to it! I promise!!!

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