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Podjyapolskiy is my Homeland

Кочанова Полина Андреевна
МБОУ "СОШ № 14" п. Подъяпольский
Шкотовского района Приморского края
Ученица 5-А класса, 11 лет.
Учитель: Панова Ирина Леонидовна

Everyone on the Earth has a place which is considered the small Homeland. For me, it is my native settlement Podjyapolsky. It is stretched on the bank of the Sea of Japan, in a picturesque bay named in 1880 in honor of a researcher, an officer of the Siberian naval crew, the captain of the 2nd rank Ivan Ivanovich Podjyapolskiy.
The bay is surrounded with rocky coasts which look like the silhouettes of a crocodile and a turtle. On the slopes of these rocks there are bushes of the wild rosemary included in the Red book of Russia. When spring comes all slopes are in violet flame of its blossom. The gold time is summer. From all corners of the Far East vacationers gather in the recreation areas located in bays of the settlement and open “the beach season”. In waters of our sea there are a lot of fishes and seafood. Water in the sea is pure and transparent. In the bay of Podjyapolsky there is a yacht-club "Barracuda" where school students and inhabitants of the settlement going for sport. They took part in many regional competitions and won prizes. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War who protected our Homeland live in my place. In memory of the War victims we opened the Glory Memorial. We have a song about our settlement in which it is sung about the beauty of our native place and about people living and working in it. I love my place and I invite you to look at the pictures and admired its beauty!

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