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Лукманова Адель Ануровна
Республика Башкортостан,
г. Ишимбай, МБОУ гимназия №1
Преподаватель – Синельникова Людмила Геннадьевна

I have been learning English since 2005. My hobbies are reading, swimming and dancing.I participate in many municipal contests, writing research papers.

Bashkortostan is famous for its natural resources. A lot of rivers and lakes make the nature of the republic beautiful. Agidel is considered to be the mother of all the rivers in Bashkiriya. And this is what a legend tells about it.
Many years ago there lived a giant. His name was Ural. He had two grown-up daughters. They often argued about who of them was older. Then Ural decided to release his daughters and see how they would behave. He thought it would help him to settle the problem. The giant moved the huge stone and his daughters ran around the world. Father tested their strength and persistence: tosses rocks on their way, blocked their way with swamps. He saw that the daughter that ran to the south became powerful and her heart brightened. The other daughter became obstinate and wilful. She became dark and her waves became colder.
Ural roared: «Not years but your deeds make you older. One of you will be called Agidel for the kind heart; the other will be called Karaidel for the stern character. And now pour your waters together! Agidel is senior». The two rivers are really different in colour and beauty of their banks.

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