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Beekeeping in Bashkortostan

Нигматуллина Лилия, ученица 10 б класса
МБОУ СОШ № 8 г. Туймазы Республики Башкортостан
Руководитель: учитель английского языка Лукманова Альфина Фануровна

My name is Lilya. I was born in an amazing place – Tuimazy which situated in republic Bashkortostan. Do you know about 7 wonders of our republic? If not then I would like to tell you about one of them. I want to introduce you to such a wonderful product like honey!
Bashkortostan is famous for its wholesome honey all over the world. There are many beekeepers in it. Especially in Tuimazy, where I live. How does the honey effect on human`s health? Which benefits does it contain? Well, honey is the nectar collected from a variety of flowers. A nectar, as is well known - the food of the gods. So, that is, logically, honey - it is a concentrated food of the gods. Honey and bee products such as propolis, pollen, bee-bread, beeswax can cure almost every disease known to human. The abundance of vitamins C, K, N, E, PP, B and many others make the honey of natural dietary supplement. There are many fields in my town’s area where the different plants and flowers grow. They are lindens, dusty millers, camomiles, wormwoods and etc. The nature is so magnificent and marvellous!
Beekeepers in Tuimazy organize annual exhibitions which shows and offers different types of honey. For example white or flower honey. Furthermore, there are many famous and gifted beekeepers from Tuimazy town. They make up courses and teach the people who interested in such an interesing activity like apiculture!
My dad keeps bees too. I like helping him. Listening to bee’s buzz I calm down. I really enjoy helping him . It’s definitely my cup of tea. My Dad told me that our ancestors who lived in Tuimazy too do bee keeping as we are doing now. It’s our kin’s activity. All bee keepers in Tuimazy like help people with their honey selling or just making a present it. And I hope that the people of our town will be healthy. Be healthy!

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