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Ильтыбаева Виктория
10 класс МБОУ СОШ №4 г. Янаул

Занимается спортом, поет, активистка молодежного движения

Yanaul is a small town in the north-west of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Mustai Karim, an outstanding Bashkir poet, writer, dramatist and publicist called it “the northern gate of Bashkortostan”.
Yanaul has a rich history which dates back to XVI-XVII centuries. It was a small village and for the first time the name “Yanaul”, which is translated from Bashkir as “New village”, was mentioned in the documents in 1750. In 1795 there were 30 houses and 173 residents and the village was growing rapidly. The first stimulus to the development of Yanaul was the construction of the railway line Moscow-Ekaterinburg in 1916. So Yanaul became a station. Then in 1930s deposits of oil were found and the settlement began developing into a town with blocks of flats, roads and all the public utilities. In 1991 Yanaul officially received the status of a town.
Today Yanaul is an industrial and agricultural district. It is also a cultural centre. It is home to many famous people. We are proud of our Heroes of the Soviet Union: G. Khaidarshin, V. Loskutov, M. Imamutdinov, Heroes of the Socialist Labour, the brilliant singer Radik Gareev, the writers Ildar and Nil Yuseev, Nurikhan Fattakh, Gainan Amiri, Radif Timershin and others. There is a writers' organisation, a municipal TV, a folk Tatar theatre, folk dance ensembles, 5 secondary schools, an Art school, a museum, a library, two Houses of Culture.
Yanaul is my homeland and I like it very much, I wouldn't like to live in any other place.

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