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Левашов Денис

Левашов Денис, учащийся 142 группы
ГОУ СПО республики Марий Эл «Транспортно-Энергетический техникум»
Преподаватель Гайфуллиной Лидии Петровны.

My name is Levashov Denis. I am a fourth-year student of the Transport Energetic Technical Secondary School which is situated in the village Krasni Jar in the Republic of Mari El. I want to tell you about my village where I was born.
My village is called Torganovo. It is located not far from the village of Krasni Jar. The name of the village came from the first settlers of the pagans of Torgan. Not long ago there was an old linden tree, around which the founders of the village built their first houses. The merchants stopped here and had a rest under the tree when they went with the goods up and down the Malaya Kokshaga River.
The history of the development of my village is very interesting. It is rich in different facts, events and people. The village council was formed in Torganovo in 1923. The head of the village was P. Zakharov. There was also a medical station and a medical assistant here. The people of the village were hard-working and a collective farm named after Molotov was founded in 1931. There was two private shops and a windmill in the village. The owner of the windmill was Jacov Savinov. Ivan Kirillov had his own boat with the help of which he brought goods from Kazan. The farmer Konstantin Morskov produced hemp oil there.
During the Great Patriotic War the people did their best to help their Motherland and brought Victory Day nearer. They made the fortification along the banks of the Volga River, worked in a farm, stored up timber. They also carried the shells of the bombs from the Butyakov’s plant to the station Shelanger. People went to the front from the village. One hundred and four persons fought against the enemies and nearly half of them were killed. I am proud of the history of my village, its people and I want everybody to know about it. There is no place like home.

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