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Nizhnekamsk, the Tatar Republic. The legend of my family and native land.

Kolpakova Ekaterina Alexandrovna,
Secondary school 27, form 8V
Teacher: Ilyasova Liliya Adiullovna

My family and I live in a very beautiful and young city on the Lower Kama. I could tell you about the famous Holy Key, which dates back to 1666 when there was found an icon of St. Nicholas. Having seized in 1882, the Holy land key, merchants began to build Stakheev this luxurious villa. At the time of Peter the first to "cottage Afanasovskoy" harvested pine to build masts for ships. Now it is called the "Mast-Tree Grove."
Also, there are many legends about treasures. Wars, riots, revolutions - all of this history of my native land. And my family has from generation to generation a very interesting legend. In the 18th century on land in the old boats arrived at the settlement of the Cossacks. Put That's the story of my family intersects with the history of my region.
the little hut, and lived alone not communicating with the outside world. And at that time happened to the peasant uprising and the Pugachev were the remnants of his defeated army of woods and fields of the Volga. They came to the village, knocked at the house and asked the locals eat. And then, once came to our shores Don Cossack Pugachev Emelyan. He was asked to stay in the house, take a break from the heavy hike. Girl-Cossack lived there with his father and mother. He loved her and married her. But they lived together a short time. And her son was born after a while. And so to this day there were five generations in which the blood of Pugachev

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