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Nizhnekamsk, the Tatar Republic. Legend of the Holy and merchants Stakheev.

Salnikova Kseniya Alexandrovna,
Secondary school 27, form 8V,
Teacher: Ilyasova Liliya Adiullovna.

As soon as I see this contest, I immediately decided to write about this quiet town of Nizhnekamsk. In Nizhnekamsk there are many historical sites, but I decided to write a story about the most beautiful sights of the village of "Saint Legend and its grounds."
Having seized in 1882, the Holy land key, merchants began Stakheev here to build a luxury villa with urban houses. Among the buildings stood out in particular the size and beauty of a wooden two-story building, occupying 750 square meters, with the boiler in the basement and elegant balconies. The house had 20 rooms, some with hardwood floors and all with big bright windows. Above the roof towers adorned viewing platform overlooking the Kama. Before the two-story house had two pools: one had a functioning fountain was installed in the other figure "Chernomor." Just below the second pool was a gazebo. Now this building is not (burned down in 1967), and there is no fountain, no "Chernomor." During the festival, "Baptism", most people go to swim in pools with cold water, or just dial it in a bottle. According to legend, their ancestors came from Novgorod the Great, had gone out with others in the reign of Ivan III on free land on Kama, where he founded the village of Trekhsvyatskoye.
There are a photos of this natural wonder. According to legend, the merchant Stakheev found this fountain in memory of thedrowned young daughter.
The central area with a gazebo. There is seen a wonderful panorama of the waterfront.

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