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Бамба Ая Орлановна, ученица 8 «а» класса.
МБОУ СОШ №2, г. Кызыл
Учитель английского языка – Монгуш Вера Данзыевна

Hi, I`m Bamba Aia. I`m fifteen. I live in Kyzyl, in the Republic of Tuva. I would like to tell you about my summer holidays. When summer comes our family often travels to mineral springs or lakes of Tuva. The nature of Tuva is unique, it`s represented by all climatic zones of the Northern Hemisphere – from Alpine tundra to hot desert; and that`s why the republic has a variety of springs and lakes. The favorite place for holiday – makers of Kyzyl and especially for our family is Hadyn Lake. From May to September one can see colorful tents and all kinds of vehicles on the banks of the lakes. We enjoy bathing in this mineral warm sandy-bottom lake. Indeed it is pleasant and healthy.
This summer our family will go to “Argolik” mineral spring with camping equipment for treatment and rest in natural conditions. In the mid - June shamans will open the beginning of the season when people can use this spring. It will be a wonderfull ceremony. During this ceremony local people will put delicious slices of meat and other tasty food on black stones and the fire. It will be a gift to the spirit of the springs. Everybody will kneel praying and praising the spirit of “arzhaan” – mineral spring – begging for the cure of their relatives and themselves. Then they`ll tie ribbons to trees and bushes which grow near the spring. After that the shamans will pour water into cups and give it to all people present. It will be a nice and unforgettable ceremony in the picturesque place and I`m looking forward to have my vacations near Argolik mineral spring.

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