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Abakan, my town’s name

Авдеева Елена Васильевна
4 курс, педагогическое отделение
Колледж педагогического образования, информатики и права
ХГУ им. Н.Ф. Катанова,
г. Абакан

I was born in Abakan. It is situated at the place where the Abakan River runs into the Yenissey. My town was founded in 1931. The town has its coat of arms. Its symbols are simple and understandable. It is a heraldic shield. On the top we can read the word “Abakan”. In the middle of the shield there is a horizontal line reminding a ripple of a sea. Above the line on the background of the steppe and blue sky there are tombstones with ancient man’s drawings. On the green field there is a bright orange flower – a buttercup. The upper part symbolizes the past and the low the present time. The guests of the town wonder the meaning of the word “Abakan”. I’ve found many points of view. The town got its name from the river Abakan where it is located. But there is an unfinished discussion about the origin of the river’s name. Some historians say that the river got its name from the Khakas word which means “light and pure water”. There is another point of view. The first part of the word “Abakan”-“Aba” means the ethnographical group which lived in this region. The second part “kan” means “way or road”. The word “Abakan” can be translated as the road to the tribe “aba”. But the most interesting is the legend. It says: Very long ago on the Khakas territory when the first mountains appeared there lived a giant-bear “Aba”. It ate the cattle and sheep and the people were afraid of it. A brave man was born. He was an excellent hunter. Once he met the bear and they began to fight. At last the bear was wounded. It ran into the forest, died and turned into a great mountain. A blood stream flowed out it connecting many other water streams. A great river was formed by those small streams and it got the Khakas name “Abakhan” which means “ bear’s blood”. I hope if someone reads my composition he’ll get cognitive information about my town.

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