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Зубарева Анастасия Дмитриевна
МБОУ «СОШ №5», г. Черногорск, республика Хакасия
Ученица 6Б класса.
Учитель английского языка Бычкова Галина Анатольевна

My name is Anastasia Zubareva. I study at the 6th Form. My favourite subjects are Literature and Biology. I live in a unique region in the south of Siberia. My motherland is the Republic of Khakasia. It stretches out from north to south on 450km. Moving across Khakasia you meet 3 natural zones – steppe, partially-wooded steppe and taiga. Sayany mountains are rocky and high. Forests cover 61% of the territory. They are rich in cedar, fir, pine, spruce, larch, birch and aspen.
There are 320 large and small rivers (the main ones are the Enisey and the Abakan), about 1000 lakes and 26 reservoirs. We are proud of Khakasian lakes. They are not very large but unique. Waters of the lake Shira are mineral. Tus is so salt that you can lie on its surface and read a book. Belyo has a shape of “8”. Its western part is fresh but its eastern one is salt.
The end of spring and the beginning of summer is especially beautiful period. The flower symbol of Khakasia – zharki – is in blossoming. The animal symbol is a snow leopard. It is on the coat of arm of the Republic.
Scientists call Khakasia “archaeological Mecca”. Everywhere you can meet the messages from antiquity. There are more than 30 thousand of rock carvings. Four thousand years ago tribes set up mysterious stone statues – mingiry. Almost all idols represent women. Mingiry have a powerful medical force. There is a way to 2 stones in Salbyk mound, one of them symbolizes a feminie and another – masculine. Standing at a female stone you should give a negative energy, you should take a positive energy from the male stone.
There are only 5 towns in Khakasia: Abakan – the capital, Chernogorsk, Sayanogorsk, Abaza and Sorsk. Khakasia is a young republic. I hope it has a very good future.

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