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Мой Таганрог. Он не забудется. Я в этот край навсегда влюблена.

Dasha Moskovaya.
Преподаватель Князева Наталья Петровна.

Dasha Moskovaya

I am 17. I am a pupil. I study at school in 11 grade. After school, I am going to continue my education in university of English language.

I live on the ground where Prince Svyatoslav`s regiments went. I live on the ground which belongs to the Kiev`s Khanate. I live on the ground which Peter the first has chosen for building my city – Taganrog.
Taganrog was founded in 1968 and now it is the second largest city in the Rostov region. It is located in the northern coast of Taganrog Gulf of Azov Sea. It is a large industrial, scientific, cultural and historical center.
I will tell you about some miracles of Taganrog to acquaint you with my city. Taganrog was founded by Peter the first – the last tsar from dynasty of Romanov. The Azov Sea, beautiful climate, interesting historical monuments, Aqua Park, set of verdure and the developed infrastructure. My city is older than St. Petersburg. And all these things engendered by Peter the first. His merits are very great. Nowadays the Russian emperor`s monument was put in Taganrog in 1903. The monument`s author is a famous Russian sculptor. His name is Mark Antokolskij. The height of a bronze figure is 3, 44 meters, the weigh is 1232 kilogram. This monument is one of the remarkable in the Rostov region.
Taganrog is a native land of a man of mark, Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chehov. In his childhood, he lived in Taganrog. There is « little Chehov house» which is close to each townsman. It tells us about writer`s birth, the first years of his life, recreates atmosphere of the house. This « little Chehov house» became the heart of complex about Chehov and it is one of the most visited museum of Taganrog.
I can long tell you about memorable places, but I think that you should see all beauty of my city. Come, we will glad to see you.

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