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Мищенко Марина, 6 класс
МБОУ Ясиновская СОШ, х. Новая Надежда
Куйбышевского района, Ростовской обл.
Учитель: Агаркова Валентина Викторовна

I’m Mischenko Marina. I’m twelve, I’m in the sixth form. I’m fond of dancing.

The present name of village Kuibyshevo is appropriated to it in honor of the commander 9 shooting divisions, 8 Army of southern front - Nikolay Vladimirovich Kuibyshev.
The land settlement of the present Kuibyshev area, which has been won by Peter I, has begun in the end of 18 centuries. The village Kuibyshevo (originally Martynovka, and then Golodaevka), was based in 1777 by Colonel Dmitry Martynov who has received the lands along the river Mius from Catherine II. In 1820 there was the largest revolt of serfs of 19 centuries in Martynovka (about 30 thousand), cruelly suppressed by count Tchernyshov. Tragic events were occured on the riverside of Mius in 1905, 1917 and during Civil war 1918-1920.
The greatest shocks have occurred in area territory in 1941-1943. Within 3th years of war the area two times passed from hand to hand, and only in the end of August, 1943 area has been broken definitively the German Mius-front and the region was released from aggressors. In stubborn fightings on Mius many commanders and ordinary soldiers have become famous. It is necessary to remember our well-known fellow countryman Andrey Antonovich Grechko. Expected twice hero of Soviet Union, the marshal and the Minister of Defence of the USSR was born in village Golodaevka and all his life has devoted to military science. After war the area has revived from ruins thanks to Andrey Antonovich Grechko.

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