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Village Putyatino

Ученицы 7 а класса:
Мучкина Елизавета и Сысойкина Светлана
Учитель: Гусарова Светлана Васильевна
МОУ Путятинская СОШ

Village Putyatino is 120km from Ryazan and 300km from Moscow. The federal highway M-5 Moscow-Samara goes through it. Putyatino is a district center. The population is 10.000 people. In 1987 a lot of workers came here from different corners of the former USSR to build gas pipeline Yamburg-2-Tula. The workers from Slovakia built a modern district for Russian workers. A lot of blocks of flats, a new school, a kindergarten,a hospital and a bank were built. Not long ago the Center «Living Water» was established here for adaptation of graduates from orphanages. The Center will help children get used to household activities and become independent. It is a charity project and people from other countries take part in it too. We are proud of our native village and its people. A lot of heroes of Word War ll lived here. There is a monument to them in the park. Beside this monument there is a plane in the honour of my countryman Vasiliy Aleksukhin. He drove his burning plane into the coloumn of enemy`s tanks. He died himself and destroyed a lot of enemy`s military hardware.
The Cathedral of Intercession of the Mother of God was founded in the first half of the 17th century by the Russian prince Dmitriy Pozharskiy. It is made of stone and without any exaggeration it may be called a masterpiece of the mediaeval architecture. It is not simply a place where people come to pray, but is also itself an icon in stone.А church school is attended by our children. This church is our favourite sight People of my village take care of environmental protection so last year the river Vorsha was cleaned and a new recreation zone on its bank was opened . We sincerely love our home Pytyatino and we want it to prosper.

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