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«My Home Town Ryazan»

Ученица 6 класса МОУ Окская СОШ
Рязанского района, Рязанской области
Мартынова Ирина
Учитель: Куприянова Любовь Владимировна

Among nomerous towns of Russia, there is one that I like most of all. I am going to tell you about my home town Ryazan. I was born and live here. Ryazan is an old and wonderful town. It is situated 200 km far from the heart of Russia, from our capital Moscow. It was founded in 1095 by the Prince Oleg Svyatoslavovich. It lies on the river Oka. There are a lot of picturesque places: forests, flower meadows, rivers, ponds, lakes in the countryside.
The population is more than 600 thousand people. When you are in Ryazan you can see people of different nationalities. They get along well. There are many old beautiful buildings in the old center of our town. The Ryazan Kremlin is the heart of it. There are many places of interest: beautiful squares, parks and monuments to famous people. Tsiolkovskiy, Pavlov, Yesenin, Skobelev and Utkin lived and worked in our town. We are proud of them.
Ryazan is a cultural center. There are theaters, museums, galleries and a circus in Ryazan. They are many factories and plants in Ryazan. The shops « Ryazanwest» sell shoes produced in Ryazan. Every day we buy milk products produced by «Amka», chicken products and eggs produced on «Okskaya chickenfarm». This factory is situated just near the place where I live. So, we can say that Ryazan is an industrial center. I like my town very much. This is my small motherland.

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