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Придорогина Алена МБОУ «Гимназия №5»
Ученица 8А класса
Учитель: Кирьянова Галина Юрьевна

There is some special place in my life. It’s the village called Vyshgorod. It’s situated not far from Ryazan. The village stands on the Oka river. The first people appeared in that place 15-25 thousand years ago. Impenetrable forests, deep rivers, the abundance of animals and fish attracted our ancestors. The village itself appeared in the 13th century. There are several theories connected with the origin of its name, but the most interesting is the following.
In 1237 Tatar-Mongol hordes reappeared in Russia. The Ryazan principality was the first to be attacked by them. The armies of Baty ruthlessly murdered the residents of Ryazan. People took the cattle and some of their belongings and hid in the forests. When those who managed to save in the woods went out they were terrified. The city lay in ruins and fire. People began thinking where to build new houses: above the ruined city or below. Some citizens believed the best way is to build a new city closer to the forest, on lowlands. So a new settlement appeared on the left bank of the Oka and became known as Vypolzovo( People crawled out (vypolzali) of the woods).But most of the residents wanted to stay living on the hill and built there the new houses. They built a village not far from the burnt city and called it Vyzhgorod. Later, to simplify the spelling in the name of the village, “zh” was changed into “sh”. After that it became known as Vyshgorod though one can find its original name on the old maps.
Now my village is not much different from others. It has a kindergarten and a school where nearly 900 pupils studied in the 60-es. The village also has a nice church which was recently renovated. There are plenty of wonderful and picturesque places in Vyshgorod which are especially dear to me.

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