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v. Solnechny, Fedorovsky district, Saratov region

Мергенёва Альбина Уразаевна 9 класс
МОУ СОШ п. Солнечный, Фёдоровского района, Саратовской области.
Учитель: Степанова Людмила Николаевна

I live in a small village. Its name is Solnechny. My village was built in 1954. There was a virgin land earlier and people had decided to build a nice village. 57 years ago the young was sent by the Komsomol organization to master virgin lands. They work hard and enthusiastically plugging fields, growing wheat, building houses. I am proud of my forefathers’ courage and stamina. On the day when the village had been built the sun shone very brightly, that’s why people decided to give it the name Solnechny.
One of the fist buildings which had been built was our school – a small wooden house. But in 1966 it was built new, big, light, brick school, where my father, brother learnt. My school is very beautiful and comfortable. There are two museums: the Hall of Military Glory and the Museum of Regional Studies. In the Hall of Military Glory not only pupils, but the village’s people come to celebrate the Victory Day, we meet here with the war veterans, have many significant arrangements .It’s very nice. There are models of arms, made by the pupils with their teacher. Here the pupils conduct excursions, telling about veterans’ fighting glory. It is very important to know the history of our country, region, and village. Last year there was the meeting of three generations, it was great. Our Hall of Military Glory is the center of patriotic education.
In 2011 we celebrated our school’s the 45th jubilee. It was great and unforgettable. I love my school, my village though they are so small but lovely and dear to my heart.

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