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My Native Place Asbest

Медникова Анастасия
АМБОУ Лицей №9
Медникова Анастасия, ученица 5б класса Лицея №9,
Учитель: Машкина Л. М.,
I квалификационная категория

My name is Nastya. My native place is a small city in Sverdlovsk region. And I would like to tell you about it. A city like a man: each has its own fate and life. Our city of Asbest does not have old traditions because it is young – it is only 70. But it has an interesting fate. People enjoy living in it. Our city is a birthplace of many interesting persons, talented engineers and leaders, artists and poets, world-famous sportsmen.
The city of Asbest is named after a rare and very valuable mineral of asbestos. It occupies a special place among other minerals. There are numerous legends about its origin. In one of the legend asbestos is called the fur of salamander – a mysterious lizard living in fire. Long ago asbestos was called stone tow in the Urals. People wove fire – resistant asbestos napkins and table – cloths. Lamp wicks made of asbestos served people for long time.
Asbestos, this wonderful and unique mineral the city was named after, was found there in 1885. The first name of our city was Kudel’ka. The workmen’s settlement of Asbest was given the status of a city in June 1933. At that time its size of population was a bit over 27 thousand.
Today Asbest is a large industrial center with over 80 thousand people.

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