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Захваткина Дарья
АМБОУ Лицей №9
Захваткина Дарья, ученица 5б класса,
Учитель: Машкина Л. М.,
I квалификационная категория

My name is Darya. I live in a small city of Asbest. The city was named after Asbestos - wonderful and unique mineral. Our city is not large but popular. Its history comes back to the beginning of the 20th century. My parents were born in Asbest. It is their native place. They finished the Universities and came back to Asbest. They work at the factory Uralasbest. I’d like to tell you about it.
The Joint – Stock Company “Uralasbest” is the city-forming enterprise. Over 10 thousand citizens work there. The history of “Uralasbest”began in March 1933 when the first train arrived in Asbest. The opening of the railway gave a strong impulse to the development of the leading enterprise. The city grew nicer with every passing day.
The enterprise of “Uralasbest” is the world’s biggest manufacturer of chrysolite- asbestos. The world largest Bazhenovskoye asbestos deposit is unique in its reserves, assortment and quality of ores. Modern technologies are used at the enterprises of the Joint – Stock Company. One of our places of interest is the asbestos quarry. Many quests of the city admire the huge pit of the quarry from the observation site. The length of the pit is 11.5 km, its width is 1.8 km, and the depth is 300 meters.
“Uralasbest” company delivers its products to 30 countries of the world. Foreign delegations are the frequent visitors at the joint – stock company. Many citizens, my friends and I consider Asbest the best city in the world. It is wonderful that children, the Asbest citizens of the 21 century, enlarge the number of patriots.

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