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Reftinsky is the most wonderful place on the Earth

Берещинова Людмила Александровна - учитель английского языка
Педагогический стаж 17 лет.
Визнер Наталья Валентиновна - учитель английского языка
Педагогический стаж 15 лет.
СОШ №15 городского округа Рефтинский.
Егорова Ангелина - ученица 5А класса.
Бурмистрова Ксения - ученица 8Б класса.
Паклин Матвей - ученик 8Б класса.

We live in the middle Urals near the border of Europe and Asia in a beautiful settlement called Reftinsky. To tell the truth, we live in a green forest. Our settlement is a very picturesque place. Our settlement is not old. It was founded in 1966 because of the building of the electric power station. Construction of the project was started in 1963. And now the Reftinsky steam central power station is the most efficient station in Russia. Many people work there. They are highly professional workers and engineers.
Every summer «Enel» company organizes the project «Open Station». Everybody can visit our power station. Last year the pupils of our school became the winners of the project « Play Energy». Some of the children visited Italy. In our settlement we also have an enterprise which is called « Reftinsky Poultry Farm». It was built in1981. It is the largest poultry farm in the Urals and one of the biggest in Russia.
There are three secondary schools in Reftinsky. We study at school number 15. We all like to study English very much. We learn much about England and America. And also speak about the Urals in English. And there is one more thing we like about our school. It is our school garden. We work in it from May till August every year.
And we are also proud of musical school. It is a pearl of our settlement. In summer « Ural Summer International Academy Of Arts» is held in our musical school. Musicians from different countries and from Russia come to our settlement. Another culture centre in our settlement is the Palace of Culture. It has a unique Winter Garden with golden fish and different animals. In conclusion we would like to say we are happy to live here.

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